Hebrews 5: Food for Spiritual Life

The book of Hebrews is growing increasingly complicated as the author ties together the vast, Eternal Plan of God. But there's a problem: these people can't understand! They're too immature. This time we'll examine the difference between immaturity and maturity, and consider how spiritual growth works. It's a marvelous breakthrough when we finally get on our feet spiritually.

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2 thoughts on “Hebrews 5: Food for Spiritual Life

  1. God is sooo faithful and great!!! During my Bible study with my church family, we recently just broke open the Book of Hebrew, just as you all were discussing. After we kind of looked at the first three chapters, I can honestly say I was soooo very lost. I had no idea who or what was going on. So I prayed. I prayed for direction to understand. I know that God had a word for me through this book and I wasnt going to give up until I heard. Low and behold, I ran across this website when looking for a reference for this study. And I must say it has changed my life. I know why this book was written, not only for the those confused Christian-Jews for for those Christian-Rockers, Christian-Surfers, Christian-Rappers, Christian-Business men. Jesus came to cut all cultures of life. And the teaching of this is relevant even today. This has really bless my soul, to the point each day I look forward to the teaching. I feel apart of the flock, lol. Thank you for letting God lead you. You teaching and podcast was the source of another answered prayer.

  2. Wow, what a blessing you gave me tonight, Sheena! Yes, please do continue to study with us. We try to post the podcasts every week. it’s really quite a thrill that this message has helped you, sister.

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