Luke 4: Church Without Walls

In Luke 4 Jesus stands up to "proclaim the favorable year of the Lord". Then his audience wants to kill him! What's the connection? It's the Disestablishment Factor at work--God tearing down old kingdoms in order to erect His Eternal Kingdom. And it means the "breaking-down the dividing barriers" (Eph. 2:12) which humans are so fond of building. God builds without walls, and He wants His church to grow wild and free, without walls!

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One thought on “Luke 4: Church Without Walls

  1. Flower Power… fades and wilts like the grass during a drought in California. What keeps His kingdom moving, growing and thriving forever? God! And he wants to enlist us to play a role in it to boot! This reminder makes me want to shod my feet with the gospel and move with Him. How can I set my chin against this world system and present and proclaim this message? Where can we find an ear that will listen? Has not everyone bought into the depressing reality of a world devoid of God? …not if God can help it!! By His power, we should be able to find those ears who DO listen. Help my unbelief Lord… and help me speak forth Your great mystery’s. Help me speak truth with action. Jeese it’s depressing getting old without significant purpose and works to fulfill. If it ends that way, it’s because I resigned myself to it.

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